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GreenGEN have informed us they will be pressing on with their surveys wherever they’ve had permission and also where they’ve served S172 notices but had no response from Wednesday 27th June.  It’s also possible they will ignore some negative responses and press on anyway unless unchallenged, but have said they will immediately withdraw if asked to.


It’s important to note they still don’t have an IDNO license and they know they are on uncertain legal territory when it comes to demanding access to land. 


If GreenGEN or their ecologists approach you to survey your land you are entitled to challenge them (politely).  If you have received an s172 notice from Burges Salmon, or a letter from WSP, please get in touch with MAP for advice on how to respond.

More information is also on the Take Action page

About MAP

MAP is committed to protecting our communities from the negative impact of industrial scale energy projects. We aim to raise awareness about all aspects of the projects and to work with local and national authorities to promote sustainable development.

Join us in our fight to protect our countryside and our way of life.

What We Do

Who are we?

MAP represents communities along the whole of the proposed pylon line giving a voice to those affected by the planned project. We are local people, landowners, people with businesses, young people whose future is in the Montgomeryshire area, retired people, English speakers and Welsh speakers. We pride ourselves on representing all aspects of our communities.

What we say

MAP fully supports a transition to greener forms of energy generation, but not at the expense of our landscapes and precious uplands. Not only do those who live here love this part of the world but also many visitors come to enjoy the tranquillity and beauty of the area.  We cannot allow it to become saturated with giant turbines, substations, wires and steel pylons.   There are better solutions for localised and more environmentally friendly ways of producing energy and preserving our vibrant farming and tourism economies.

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