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Latest News:

We are aware from the contacts we have with landowners that WSP/Burges Salmon have been approaching them in various ways depending on how they have responded to the first approaches.  GreenGEN are desperate to get their walk over surveys done this season, otherwise their proposed programme will be put back a whole year.


The most important thing to keep in mind is. GreenGEN are NOT an ‘acquiring authority’  until or if ever Ofgem awards them a license, despite their claims to the contrary and their liberal quotation of the HPA 2016 .  Any attempt at present to gain access to your land is unlawful.


Depending on how they’ve contacted you we have a range of responses you can use to tell them politely to go away.  Please get in touch asap because some landowners have received notice that WSP intends to start non intrusive surveys on May 14th.


If you are a Welsh speaker, you can also insist they communicate with you only in Welsh.  And if you phone them speak in Welsh or demand a translator if they want to talk in English!!


We are having some 3x6 foot roadside banners printed up with No Pylons/Dim Peilionau.  These will be available for sale through us for about £30.00.  If you’re interested and have a public place you can display one, please get in touch so we know how many to print.


What is happening next?

Look out for dates of meetings as we come to hear what local people all the way up and down the line have to say and how we can help you and you can help us. And we will not be forgetting our friends over the border in Shropshire!

What’s happened so far?

Following the very successful meeting in Meifod Village Hall, MAP have been met. Posters will shortly be available in larger format, but you can print off a PDF of our A4 posters here 


Quick overview of the threat to the future of our communities in our county

Industrialisation of our landscape  - with large-scale windfarms and pylons criss-crossing mid Wales hills and valleys. The impact on the well-being of our communities and opportunities to generate income for their families from vital industries such as tourism will be severe. 


Wind turbines are outdated technology, they won’t power our future - In other countries such as Germany wind turbines are being decommissioned. Who is responsible for this redundant technology in years to come, rusting in our beautiful landscape?


This is only the start - If the first pylon route goes ahead it would make our area vulnerable to other similar projects and for a 2nd or 3rd potential pylon route.


Not just the Vyrnwy Valley, it affects the whole of Montgomeryshire – the construction phase will adversely affect our infrastructure for many years which will impact our communities across our beautiful county. Roads will have to be adapted to enable the large scale transport of millions of tonnes of concrete and steel blades. The construction phase will decimate our fragile road infrastructure with heavy construction traffic.


Our children’s future is not for sale! The developer is backed by a Danish pension fund, profit is at the heart of the proposed project.

We are playing our part in renewables – a wide range of windfarms and associated infrastructure are installed in Montgomeryshire and feeding into the national grid, powering the UK. Montgomeryshire generates 106% of the electricity consumed in the county.  


One of the last remaining unspoilt upland areas in the UK is being threatened.  Habitats of rare species are to be turned into power plants. Peat bogs, which absorb more carbon than tropical rain forests are to be filled with concrete.

Community benefit – sharing the crumbs - The % of the profits to be shared with local communities are tiny when compared with environmental, social and economic impact of this proposed scheme. 


What you can do?

1.Support the MAP campaign – “calls to action” will be forthcoming, for example: 

  • respond to consultations  

  • attend local meetings

  • sign petitions 

2. Raise your voice – talk about these major issues with your neighbours and elected representatives

3. We have won before and we can win again - Apathy is the enemy  

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