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Mae prosiectau tebyg ar y gweill ledled gweddill Cymru ac rydym yn eich annog i gefnogi eu hymgyrchoedd.

MAP (Montgomeryshire Against Pylons) was formed in 2011 to fight the National Grid mid-Wales Connection Project.  The proposal sought to connect electricity generated by massive wind energy developments in mid Wales via a 400kv power line on 50m high steel pylons from a hub at Cefn Coch to the NG transmission line near Welsh Frankton.   Communities along the route and beyond were unanimously opposed to the devastation to cherished landscapes.  Local opposition brought the project to a standstill 4 years later.


Once again the same communities are faced with the threat from Bute Energy and its subsidiary GreenGen Cymru to build a 132kv power line on steel lattice pylons roughly along the same route planned by National Grid.  Montgomeryshire already exports more energy than we use locally and we will see no lasting benefit from private corporations such as Bute Energy/GreenGen seeking to make a profit from harvesting wind in Wales for export over the border.


The local response has been the same as it was 14 years ago – on 25th September 2023 another mass meeting was held in Meifod Village Hall where there was unanimous support to fight Bute Energy/GreenGen’s plans for our beautiful homeland.

A memory of MAPS first Newsletter

We stopped National Grid and with your help we will stop GreenGEN Cymru

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